Urodynamics Testing

Urinary incontinence is a common problem in women. There are four different types of incontinence, and the urodynamic testing helps your physician distinguish between the different types of incontinence. Urodynamics refers to a group of tests used to assess the function of the urinary tract. The urine storage capacities of the bladder and how the bladder evacuates urine are measured.

Urodynamic testing is an office procedure which is virtually painless and require no anesthesia. A small plastic tube, or catheter, will be inserted through the urethra until it reaches the bladder. Your bladder will be filled with fluid via the catheter and various measurements will be taken. After the bladder has been completely filled, you will be asked to void and other measurements will be obtained.

Your physician will review the results and you will have an appointment to discuss the findings and recommended treatment options. Some types of incontinence are treated with medication, whereas other types of incontinence usually improve with surgery.